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Although we have given you a great deal of information about Norcom Mortgage, we are certain you will have more questions about your individual situation or the details of the process awaiting you. We have provided some answers on the FAQ pages, but we encourage you to contact us if you have additional questions or would like to have a one-on-one conversation.

See what our current
Branch Managers are saying!

See what our current Branch Managers are saying!

What type of Branch Platforms and setups do you offer?
Norcom understands each individual and branch is different. We are dedicated to working closely together to develop a branch platform and business plan around your needs. We hire producing and non producing branch managers for your basic P&L set-up. We offer a corporate Retail model as well..

How soon after the loan is closed will I be paid?
You will be paid 1-2 weeks after your loan closes.

Do you have any sales incentives or prizes?
Norcom consistently has sales contest and encourages friendly competition. Examples of prizes are a Presidents Club trip to Bermuda and Las Vegas Trip to Mortgage Mastermind.

Do you offer recruiting help if I want to grow my branch?
The internal branch team is invested in its branches and works together to recruit and form new partnerships and help grow the branch business.

Has the owner of the company ever originated themselves?
Norcom was founded by an originator and the business model has been shaped around what is important in an organization from an originator perspective. The owner Phil Defronzo continues to originate loans and communication and service have never been better.

Is there a minimum number of loans I must close each month?
No. Though you are a part of Norcom Mortgage, we trust you to run your own operation, and we understand that there may be fluctuation from month to month.

Do I have to close a specific amount of volume per month?
No. What we find most important is that you are serving your community effectively and appropriately. Establishing a minimum loan volume would jeopardize that goal.

How do I choose an Appraisal Management Company?
We have an in-house Appraisal Management Company, ValueQuest AMC, and we ask that you use those services for all your appraisals. Our branches and loan officers find this is the most convenient solution, as you have direct access throughout the entire process and our Branch Team can act as liaisons if questions arise.

Can I work from home instead of an outside office?
Some states require a commercial office space and will not license a residential address, but others may allow for that option. Our Branch Production Manager can discuss the particulars in greater detail with you.

How do you set up your branches?
We work extensively with our new branches to make sure all the details are taken care of and the branch opens seamlessly. During the transition phase, our onboarding team takes care of all details, from licensing, marketing, recruiting, and beyond. Our branch team regularly visits new branches to facilitate a smooth launch and continues to offer support and guidance even after a branch is well established.

What kind of marketing support will I receive?
Our marketing team is ready to provide any materials you may need to promote your business. Personal websites, business cards, and social media assistance are all part of the immediate marketing tools we offer to our new branches and loan officers. Though we are prepared with ideas at the outset, we welcome our new team members' ideas to personalize their own marketing campaigns, and our marketing team is always accessible for consultations and support.

What are your rates?
We are a direct seller-servicer for Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and a Ginnie Mae issuer, so our rates are competitive and we are committed to supporting our loan officers on price.

What kind of compensation do you offer?
We are known for generous compensation plans and providing standout support that allows you to do more business.

What products do you have?
We offer a wide range of loan products, including FHA, VA, USDA, state housing programs, and the Norcom Dream Home Loan™.

Who do you sell jumbo loans to?
We have long-standing banking relationships that provide us stability and diverse options in placing our jumbo loans.

What fees do you charge on your loans?
We charge an $895 underwriting fee, period. You will not find any hidden fees at Norcom Mortgage.

What fees are associated with being a branch manager?
Our branch team works with branch managers to establish an operating budget and maintain Norcom Mortgage standards of customer service and professionalism.

Are there any minimum commission amounts on a loan?
We do not have specific commission requirements, but you are free to set them for your own branch.

What criteria must I meet to become a branch manager?
Initially, our branch managers must meet all NMLS and state requirements in order to qualify. Once qualification is established, our staff interviews the potential branch manager and our branch approval committee reviews the application. There are no specific qualifications above and beyond the regulatory requirements.

Will I have to check in with a manager at corporate or keep specific office hours?
Our branch team and support systems will continue to stay in touch throughout your career with Norcom Mortgage. There is no requirement for office hours.

Will I have the ability to broker loans?
In most states, our lender license covers brokering loans. Our Branch Production Manager will be able to further advise you based on the details of your branch.

Who is responsible for state and local licensing fees?
Our branch team will help arrange the details of the fees for your individual branch. Our licensing assistant handles all transfers and paperwork associated with licensing.

Will I need to hire my own processors?
Branch Managers have the freedom to hire their own processors, but Norcom Mortgage is staffed with some of the best processors in the business, and their services are open to our branches. The availability of our experienced staff is just one more way Norcom Mortgage stands out from the crowd.

Who can I call when I have a question on a loan?
Our Branch Production Manager and Branch Liaison are always available to provide support. Our full-service help desk is staffed by a veteran loan officer, who can answer all of your questions and direct you to other departments for further guidance.

What type of ongoing training do you provide?
We believe being prepared allows us to do our best business. To that end, we provide NMLS education, in-house training classes, compliance classes, and sales training so our partners and employees can stay current in the industry.

What is the turnaround time for approval on the initial branch application?
Our branch approval committee meets weekly to discuss new applications.

Once the branch is approved, when will we receive access to the systems we need?
Our onboarding team is experienced and efficient, and they work quickly to get our new originators up and running. Regulations and other details will vary by state, but we are sensitive to time constraints and are committed to getting our branches up and running as soon as possible.

What systems will my branch have access to?
Branches have access to our internal origination, portal, compliance, pricing, and marketing systems. All of our systems are integrated and work together, which means your work will be faster and more intuitive.