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When Dodd-Frank came into being, the tremendous catalog of new regulations threatened to overwhelm the industry. Norcom Mortgage responded quickly, making the command decision to designate compliance as one of its priorities. In a new environment where compliance is king, Norcom Mortgage dedicated the position of compliance officer and filled it with an attorney, thus giving us the ability not only to stay up to date with regulations but also to understand them in depth and with great nuance.

As a part of Norcom Mortgage, you have individual access to our in-house compliance attorney. Whereas compliance and regulatory demands have the potential to burden a stand-alone branch or loan officer by consuming time and effort that could be more wisely spent elsewhere, Norcom Mortgage's size allows it to provide incomparable support in one of the most critical elements of the industry. You will excel, secure in the knowledge that your business meets industry standards to the letter.

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